Description Edit

Winter Moon is the main guild that the webtoon revolves around. The guild only has three members, Florence, Risa and Gideon. It has been recreated in the new Magnolia online VR world game.

Members Edit

Member Name Status Rank
Gideon Alive Winter Moon Guild Master
Risa Alive Winter Moon Member
Florence Alive Winter Moon Member

Plot Edit

The guild, Winter Moon, was created at episode eighteen, after the city, Abu Qanasta, was burned down by Florence. Although the whole city was wrecked, the Guild Herald NPC was alive; hence, the creation of Winter Moon.

Florence, in an attempt to win a bet against Risa of who could earn the most gold, attacked the guild hall of the player killing guild "Corpse Harvest" and stole all their gold, nearly killing their Guild Master, Luciase. 

Although Winter Moon was a newly built guild, all three decided to participate in the White Havens tournament in ready for the new expansion and to defeat Risa's brother. However, the tournament needed six players so Easen, Bob and Lilith joined in with the tournament. However, Lilith betrays the guild in the tournament when they were against Ministry.

Relationships with other guilds Edit

Corpse Harvest Edit

Because of Florence raid on the guild during season one to win the bet against Risa to who gets the most gold, the relationship between both guilds wasn't as great. The guild master, Luciase, has a dying hatred to revenge for his guild.

Ministry Edit

The relationship between Ministry and Winter Moon is wavering. Due to Risa's brother being in the guild, Ministry often is an enemy to the guild. However, both Risa's brother and Risa comes to good terms after the tournament, making the relationship not as bad as before.

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