Magnolia Online

Magnolia Online is a webcomic series released in 2014, written by R. Merryweather and illustrated by Power-J.

The webcomic follows Vanilla, Rita, and Valerius through their adventures in Magnolia Online, a popular MMORPG.

Similarities to Winter Moon Edit

The webcomic overall reads like an early concept for what would eventually become Winter Moon. It is thought that Winter Moon was originally meant to be a spin-off of Magnolia Online, as the URL on the now empty Tapastic page reveals the original title to have been "Magnolia Online: RF" presumably standing for "Risa & Florence."

There are several notable similarities between the two comics, such as the character of Valerius being a flamboyant but arrogant Knight with silver hair, and the character of Rita, a blonde haired archer.

In Episode 75 it is revealed that the game being played in Winter Moon is called "Magnolia Online," and that the upcoming expansion carries the title "Magnolia Online: Kingdoms of Altua."

While several characters from Magnolia Online make appearances in Winter Moon, it is unknown if the events of Magnolia Online are canon to Winter Moon, as several characters have had full redesigns, the most notable of which was Luciase who was originally called Lun and had an entirely different personality.

In Episode 87 a character appears that looks strangely like Valerius from Magnolia Online, although his name appears only as "???".

In Episode 60 the silhouettes of Vanilla and Rita can be seen chatting in the background of the first panel. The comic is a really good comic it has a good story and everything

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