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[] Male (Luciase isn't female)**
[] Male (Luciase isn't female)**
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Luciase is a cold necromancer and the Guild Master of Corpse Harvest. He is now retired from the game, as of announced in Episode 71.

Personality Edit

Luciase initially comes across as a cold and harsh character. The reason for this seeming anti-social behavior is him being bullied and made fun of in the real world, presumably for being gay. As a result, he took to Magnolia Online as a way of venting his frustrations and vengeful feelings, creating the player-killing guild Corpse Harvest to help draw others who felt the same. Luciase seems to have a slightly less cold and unforgiving side to those within his guild though.

Appearance Edit

Luciase has shoulder-length dark brown and pale green eyes. He wears a black and red petticoat with gold accents.

Plot Edit

Luciase was first revealed when the guild Winter Moon attempted to break into Corpse Harvest's guild hall to steal gold. Luciase captured Risa and kept her as a healing slave, and engaged Florence after he attacked corpse harvest members. While initially able to overpower Florence, the timely appearance of Gideon allowed Winter Moon to defeat and nearly kill him. This defeat and destruction of his guild hall resulted in Luciase holding a grudge towards the fledgling. Luciase later spearheads Corpse Harvest's attack on Whitehaven city, and engaged Florence personally for a rematch. However, during the fighting, the "Developer" appears and crashes the moon into Whitehaven, destroying everything and shutting down Magnolia Online. This was due to people bringing their real world problems into his world, which was meant to be an escape from reality. Luciase, Florence, and Diederich attempted to stop him, but the moon presumably killed them before they could. His whereabouts during the VR relaunch of Magnolia Online are unknown.

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Abilities Edit

In Magnolia Online, Luciase is a level 120 necromancer, giving him the ability to summon undead monsters to aid him, as well as some limited forms of other dark magic. It is also mentioned that Luciase is in possession of an Artifact, a special randomly distributed trait given to a select few players. The artifact presumably increases the power of his necromancer abilities to above that of the average lvl 120 player.

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[1] Male (Luciase isn't female)**

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