Gideon is a powerful knight and one of the main characters of Winter Moon.

Personality Edit

Gideon is generally quiet and respectable, and tends to play the role of the only mature member of Winter Moon, as he struggles to keep Risa and Florence from causing too much trouble.

Risa seems to think Gideon is gay as he denies her advances on him, but Gideon insists that he is not gay, despite his close friendship with Florence.

Appearance Edit

Gideon has brown hair and black framed glasses.

He is the only one of the main trio that looks mostly identical to himself in real life.

Like Risa and Florence, Gideon received a re-design from Episode 20 to mark the series move to the Featured section of Webtoon. He wears a military-style suit with yellow detailing, and only has armor on his right arm.

Plot Edit

Gideon appears in Episode 16, as he and Florence had the intentions of making a guild. However, before they can, a fight between Florence and Risa result in the city being destroyed, though the three still create a guild. Gideon frequently appears as the mature voice in the group, and often steps in to help or restrain Florence and Risa as necessary when they get into trouble, such as saving Florence from Luciase or convincing Florence to allow a teamup with some outsides for the Whitehaven Tournament.

Relationships Edit

Florence Edit

Gideon considers Florence a close friend, and knows him in real life as well. However he frequently gets annoyed by Florence's careless and rash nature. He acts as a sort of sibling or father to him.

Risa Edit

Gideon seems somewhat neutral towards Risa, while Risa often attempts to flirt with Gideon to get her way. The two visited the Whitehaven Beach before the Grand Tournament, but Risa stated it was mostly just because she liked making other guys jealous.

He later, in season 3, Episodes 17 and 18, speaks as the voice of reason, stating that he will not persue a friendship with her that she is so willing to discard.

Abilties Edit

Gideon is a level 120 Knight in Magnolia Online. Not much is shown of his abilities, although he appears to very adept in swordmanship and powerful enough to fell even strong bosses in a single blow. Gideon has also shown to be very clever and versatile in his strategies. Thus far it does not appear that Gideon has any sort of Artifact power. He easily bests Lancel in a duel during Episodes 14-15, displaying that he, even as an "ordinary character" is insanely powerful and is capable of dealing with situations thoroughly and cleverly.

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