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|class = Druid
|class = Druid
|level = 100
|level = 100
|age = Never Mentioned|guild = Winter Moon}}
|age = 11 (Revealed in S3 Ep 16)|guild = Winter Moon}}
== '''Basic Overview''' ==
== '''Basic Overview''' ==

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Basic Overview Edit

Easen is one of the secondary characters in Winter Moon and is one of the artifact users, known for his glitching/lag powers. He is a Druid but uses his glitching abilities more than his actual spells.

He is very close friends with a fighter named Bob, and Lilith the Warlock.

Appearance Edit

Easen is very small compared to the other characters (other than Risa), and many believe that he is the youngest, though that has never been confirmed.

In-Game, he has a small stature, and a round, childish face, accompanied by large, innocent, blue eyes. His hair is styled in a bob-cut and is a dirty blond-grey color.

He usually carries a wooden staff with him, and dresses in grey and green robes most of the time. He looks the same in real life as he does In-Game.

Personality Edit

Easen is just as childish and innocent as his appearance suggests. He is smiling most of the time, and loves to laugh.

Easen is very innocent, and isn't the brightest. He is actually very smart, but gets confused often when he lags, and all his enemies are defeated.

He is very accepting, as he did not mind at all when his friend Bob was revealed to be female.

He has a very intense crush on Risa, another member of Winter Moon.

He rarely ever gets angry, but when he does, it is an amazing thing to see.

Relationships: Edit

Florence: Florence and Easen do not really get along, because of a fight that they had when they first met. Easen and Florence made up, however, and became powerful allies.

Bob: Bob is, by far, Easen's greatest friend In-Game, and they became good friends in real life, too. They first met by coincidence, but developed a strong bond after a while.

Risa: Easen has a huge crush on Risa, but so far, there is no proof that she returns his feelings.

Lilith: Lilith and Easen first met when Easen asked her for help finding Bob, and after locating Bob, asked her to stick around. Easen and Lilith have a Annoying Little Brother-Cold Older Sister relationshep, but it is clear that they truly care for each other.

Gideon: Gideon and Easen do not really mind each other.

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